Knot patches
Knot patches are designed for repairing unsound knots and other inadmissible defects in grown wood. Their application increases the value of even low quality material. Thanks to a cross-section on the face side of the knot patch, they perfectly imitate sound knots. Material patched in this way gives a natural impression and enhances the aesthetics of the product.
Resin patches
Resin patches serve for repairing resin pockets, cracks and other defects in wood. Self-locking boat patches hold in a shaped bed. This enables to achieve a tight connection and an easy and quick application.
Jointing biscuits
Jointing biscuits serve for a tight and quick connection in the manufacture of furniture and some construction joinery products. They are designed for the connection of parts from agglomerated materials (chipboard, wood-fibre panels) and also from solid wood.
Dowel pins
Wooden pins serve as a connecting part in the manufacture of furniture and construction joinery products. We offer spiral groowed dowel pins (the spiral is pressed into the dowels) or multi groowed dowel pins (planed dowels).
Dowel rods
Wooden dowels with a circular section are delivered in several versions. They include spiral groowed dowel rods (compressed), multi groowed dowel rods (planed) and regular dowel rods. They have a broad application, from the furniture industry up to the manufacture of toys and special wooden products.
Wooden caps
Wooden caps are used to cover the openings for connecting elements (bolts, wood screws etc.) in furniture and construction joinery products.